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Award Room

    This room holds the various honors I've received for the MIDI Home. These awards are but one payoff for the work and time I have poured into the site. Thank you to those who have honored me.

Play the Games I've Composed for:

Buy Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest  (more info)
Buy Aveyond 2: Ean's Quest  (more info)
Buy Yummy Drink Factory  (more info)
Buy Grimm's Hatchery  (more info)


Web Authoring Awards:

Concerto Award

Music Awards:

(For Aveyond I)

(ZDNet Game of the Year, Hardwood Hearts)

(Hardwood Hearts, nominated at the IGF)
(Hardwood Spades, winner at IGF)


Chops' Featured MIDI Artist Award

MIDITRAX 1x winner award
for Remembering the Melody

MIDITRAX 2x winner award
for Echoes in Darkness

MIDITRAX 3x winner award
for Forgotten Journeys

MIDITRAX 4x winner award
for The Strength to Tell Me

MIDITRAX 5x winner award
for Hermes' Flight

MIDITRAX 6x winner award
for Crystal Fields

MIDITRAX 7x winner award
for Minuwaltz

MIDITRAX 8x winner award
for Recessive Inspiration

MIDITRAX 9x winner award
for The Jellyfish

MIDITRAX 10x winner award
for RPG Battle

MIDITRAX 11x winner award
for Field of Wind

MIDITRAX 12x winner award
for Lessons of Happiness

MIDITRAX 13x winner award
for I Will Keep Going

MIDITRAX 14x winner award
for From Another Shore

MIDITRAX 15x winner award
for Soul's Respite (Town Music)

MIDITRAX 16x winner award
for Medieval Tavern

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