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Please feel free to submit related sites to me!

    The following is a categorized list of MIDI sites I have found interesting, entertaining, and/or useful. In addition, I've included links to very handy web-authoring resources, which I've either used or discovered. I will keep this list as CONCISE as possible for convenience. If you would like your site added to this list, please contact me.

Play the Games I've Composed for:

Buy Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest  (more info)
Buy Aveyond 2: Ean's Quest  (more info)
Buy Yummy Drink Factory  (more info)
Buy Grimm's Hatchery  (more info)



Original MIDI:

MIDI Composers' Exchange
    a site on which MIDI composers can post their pieces for others to hear.
MIDI Composers' Ring
    the ring strictly for original midi composers!
    in addition to a place to submit original compositions, it has an excellent MIDI search engine.
    features the "Mighty MIDI" contest as well as some of Rick Alexander's original work and Real Audio.
Original MIDI Ring
    statistically, the most popular MIDI Ring; very organized and reliable.
Web MIDI Composers
    a HUGE listing of links to MIDI composers' pages on the internet!

MIDI Composers and Creators:

Arnel Maņago
    a friend I met online with excellent original MIDI compositions. Check out his piece "Mirage;"  It is exquisite.
Jesse "Chops" Gumm
    Chops writes excellent classical style pieces! He has a cool project called "Project Beethoven." Check it out...
Robert Henson
    Very nice site! Check out this composer.
John Rhyman
    I believe his songs exude life. Most are lyrical in nature, which I, unable to accomplish, admire.
Keith Spillman
    Keith cooks up some great stuff; each piece is accompanied by an animated picture and a cool description.
Shane Turner
    a fellow MIDI composer and online friend interested in game music. Shane's original music is very good.

Final Fantasy Related Sites:

Unofficial Nobuo Uematsu Page
    some information about the composer for the Final Fantasy series.

Video Game MIDI:

The Sega Haven
    Larry M. has contributed some of his sequences to my game music page. Tons of Sega stuff and Sega MIDI!
Video Game Music Archive
    the largest selection of  MIDI game music I've ever seen; extremely organized. A must visit for game music fans.

Theme Song MIDI:

none, check back later or submit a site!

MIDI Software and Hardware:

    a cheap and good sequencer with better than average notation ability.
Creative Soundblaster
    creative makes some of the best sound cards for MIDI composers.
    their workstation keyboards are affordable and ideal for MIDI composers. They even have a standard disk drive.
    makes my favorite sequencer, Orchestrator Plus. It lacks in notation, but has an excellent interface and affordability.

Web-Authoring Resources:
    this cool service will hook your page up to about 30 search engines in about an hour for free!
JavaScript Source
    hundreds of free categorized scripts to copy and paste into your site!
Jayne's HTML and Page Building Lessons
    a great place to start the page building process. This is how I learned! And it's free! And Jayne answers questions!
MediaBuilder Free Graphics
    if you want free graphics for your webpage, this is a nice place to visit! All files are given as free domain.
    similar to AddMe, but it is faster and easier; however, it offers fewer search engines for free.
Submit Wolf
    an awesome program that will save you hours of work submitting your site to search engines.

Other Important Places:

Chamber Singers
    i sang with this group directed by Bob Worth for about 8 years.
Classical MIDI Archives
    a huge collection.  The 5,000+ MIDI files are alphabetized by composer, making it very organized.
nR Element
    my eurodance band that covers anime and video game music!
Eurodance USA
    another one of my sites - this one is a large site about euro dance and other pop music and has images, sounds, samples, and videos!
Me & My Fansite, USA
    featuring the Danish Eurodance Pop / Trance group Me&My who brought us the hits "Dub-i-Dub" and "Fly High." I designed this fan site.
Silver Creek Entertainment
    makes the best pc card games I've seen. I compose for this great company.
Sonoma State University
    my alma mater! Check it out if you're interested in the school.
Walz Music
    my company! Look here for professional custom soundtracks and sounds.

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