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Pianos are our friends!Pianos are our friends!My MIDI

My Musical Style - MIDI Comments
The Music - MIDI Composers' Ring - Live Recordings

Play some of the Games I've Composed for:

Buy Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest  (more info)
Buy Aveyond 2: Ean's Quest  (more info)
Buy Yummy Drink Factory  (more info)
Buy Grimm's Hatchery  (more info)


 My newest material is on my new site so don't forget to bookmark that! I am also in the process of recording all my classics and new work for an acoustic CD! These are some songs that may be used for free for your non-profit projects... please ask my permission though!  Thanks!

Still Available: My CD - Recessive Inspiration - ORDER HERE DIRECT
32 Tracks, synthesized, custom sounds, excellent quality & individually mixed!
This CD contains Audio, not MIDI files -

~ Hear how they were composed & meant to be heard! ~

~ Most tracks very appropriate for meditation / relaxation / music therapy ~


8. Theme of Spades

14. World Trek

30. Soul's Respite


- $10 payable by check, money order, or Paypal

- Please contact me at for ordering, questions, or more samples!
or ORDER HERE Direct

All Music, Cover and Insert, Copyright 2003 - Artwork by Julie Behn

Explanation 0f My MIDI's and Musical Style

    Much of my music is very theme oriented- similar to video game music. I am now a video game music composer, so naturally game music inspires me. I wrote some of my game music for a multi-player strategy game I created, starring the Greek Gods of Olympus. Since I cannot program as of yet, The Gods' Game remains in board game form and has for many years, but hopefully one day will be programmed. Much of my game music is imitative of the Role-playing Game (RPG) style. In addition to game music, I compose for the piano, so I sequence and arrange several pieces for MIDI. Other pieces I compose using the computer and my Peavey keyboard; these pieces are what I would call program music or modern classical. These styles have shaped my music thus far. But I try to expand my composition style with every piece I write to better my composition skills and musical understanding.

Soundcard and Repeat Note

    As an additional note, I composed all of my MIDI files using Creative's series soundcards. So, at least a wavetable soundcard or nice soundfonts should be used to enjoy these fully. Some songs might suffer in quality without one. Also, I loop most of my video game pieces once to show that, were they playing during a game, they would repeat endlessly.

My MIDI Compositions (currently 35 online)

Copyright Information:
all files are 1998-2007 by Aaron Walz

    I whole-heartedly encourage anyone to download my MIDI files for personal enjoyment. What would be the point of this page if I didn't? But keep in mind that my music is copyrighted; and if you would like to use my music for something other than personal listening- for example, web page background music or game-making, I simply ask that you request my prior approval. I would be honored to give you permission; just contact me first. Remember I can't give permission for the professional music I've done. With that said, here is my music! (Award-winning MIDI files are marked with an *)

Etudes, New Age, Modern Classical - Role Playing Game Style
Greek Mythology Music - Songs Composed Professionally

Etudes, New Age, Modern Classical
very meaningful pieces not necessarily meant to be in a game
contact me if you wish to use them

Song Name
(click on desired)
*Crystal Fields An experimental piece; done by pure instinct. It is like program music, I added some poetry: the crystals grew and pierced their shards through the soil, so did the children run amidst them, shattering all but joy and showering light.
award room)
Electric Cascade The piece that broke out of a many month compositional dry spell... Began as a techno battle song, became quite a bit more. A groundbreaker for me; very new style.
*Field of Wind An old composition made new with the joys of MIDI; the title explains the music: Expressive wind and string ensemble piece.
*I Will Keep Going An uplifting modern piece!  THE POP DANCE VERSION CAN BE HEARD AT WWW.NRELEMENT.COM .
award room)
Impatience Originally a piano piece, converted and orchestrated for MIDI.
*The Jellyfish A character piece presenting the mysterious and beautiful Jellyfish; originally for piano.
award room)
*Lessons of Happiness An imitative "modern baroque" arrangement descended from an old piano piece of mine. Very fun.
award room)
*Recessive Inspiration My first new age style composition! Really makes me want to dance!
award room)
*Remembering the Melody My first orchestral piece; attempting classical style.
award room)
*The Strength to Tell Me A lyrical style piece of happiness and realization, proving difficulty can strengthen.  THE POP DANCE VERSION CAN BE HEARD AT WWW.NRELEMENT.COM .
...dedicated to James Schauer
award room)
Turning Poison into Medicine An experimental piece showing how good can come from bad.
Waltz #1 My first attempt at a Waltz; not elaborate, but cute.  THIS ONE HAS BEEN LICENSED BY AMARANTH GAMES FOR AVEYOND II.
*Waltz #2 (Minuwaltz) I was surprised how well this turned out! My first baroque waltz; for harpsichord and string quartet. It has qualities of both a minuet and a waltz.
award room)


Role Playing Game Style
my favorite style of game music; my attempts at the genre
contact me if you wish to use them

Song Name
(click on desired)
*Battle Music A fast-paced RPG battle theme.
award room)
Boss Music An urgent, dramatic RPG battle theme.
*Echoes in Darkness Imagine being lost in a dark, dank, dirty, dungeon-like cavern; RPG dungeon music with my own evil twist.
award room)
Final Battle:  The Time Has Come An RPG last battle song; uses courage and necessity to eliminate fear.
*Forgotten Journeys What first started as an RPG overworld theme; imagine travelling day and night through lost lands full of unknown creatures and ceaseless adventure.
award room)
My Final Fantasy Battle A piece imitating the style of Final Fantasy battle music.


Greek Mythology Music
these were inspired by my love for Greek Myths
contact me if you wish to use them

Song Name
(click on desired)
Aeolus' Gale The God of Wind stirs zephyrs, which accumulate into a hurricane.
Aphrodite's Harp The Goddess of Love weaves a tale of romance.  THIS ONE HAS BEEN LICENSED BY AMARANTH GAMES FOR AVEYOND I and AVEYOND II.
Apollo's Chariot Shows the spirit of Apollo from epic poetry to triatholon.
Ares' Conquest The God of War destroys all peace, town by town.
Artemis' Hunt The Goddess of the Hunt running through the forest.
Athena's Struggle The Goddess of Civilization and Peace protects a village.
Demeter's Journey The Goddess of the Earth travels her seasonal course.  THIS ONE HAS BEEN LICENSED BY AMARANTH GAMES FOR AVEYOND I.
Hades' Tour The God of the Underworld gives a tour of Tartarus and the Elysian fields.
*Hermes' Flight The Messenger God flies over sea and land, all the while inventing new stories.
award room)
Hestia's Warmth The Goddess of the Home warms all guests.
Pegasus' Ride The winged horse gallops, flies, and plays in the clouds.  THE POP DANCE VERSION CAN BE HEARD AT WWW.NRELEMENT.COM .


Other Songs Composed Professionally
Silver Creek Entertainment
these are for personal use only;
cannot be used for web sites or games, etc

Song Name
(click on desired)
Defeat Alas, victory was not attained, but do not lose hope!
*From Another Shore I believe this to be among my most beautiful works.
award room)
*Medieval Tavern This piece is mostly in dorian mode; prepare to travel back in time with epic and folk melodies!
award room)
*Town Music RPG-style town music inspired from an old piano piece focusing on arpeggios. Relaxing and uplifting!
award room)
Triumph Glorious victory in 12/8!

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