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Retro Final Fantasy I-VII MIDI Collection
ff1 Classes:  Fighter, Thief, Black Belt, Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage
...there are now 227 MIDI files online (more to come!?)

ff1 - ff2 - ff3 - ff4 - ff5 - ff6 - ff7 (would you like to hear more...? EMAIL ME the request.)
* Complete ff Collection ZIP Files *
Final Fantasy Soundfont
Squaresoft Webring

Background Music:  "ff1: Prelude"

    The Final Fantasy series consists of multiple role-playing games created by Squaresoft; all the music was originally written by a talented man named Nobuo Uematsu and sequenced by ear for MIDI by talented fans and musicians. This page has two purposes: First, the Final Fantasy series has absolutely incredible music and I wish to share it because it greatly inspires me; and second, any fellow fans can come here to download pretty much any song from Final Fantasy I-VII that has been sequenced. This page will not include newer Final Fantasy games.

Play Some of the RPG Games I've Composed For:

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Final Fantasy Soundfont:

    Do you have a Creative AWE 32 or 64 soundcard? If you do, you're in luck! A talented friend of mine, Shane Turner, has created an incredible soundfont from audio samples of Final Fantasy VI. Since the sound engines of ffIV and later are very similar, this soundfont will make almost any well done MIDI file from ffIV and up sound astonishingly like the original! Try it! It'll make your day! It made mine. It even has the magitek sounds!

Download ff Soundfont
created by
 Shane Turner


    The music on this page was originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu and all rights are reserved by Squaresoft. However, the following MIDI files were sequenced by dedicated fans and, while they are not the original songs, are still copyrighted works! Also, I did not sequence these files and do not claim credit for the incredible amount of work they required. The creators of the files usually name themselves in their files. I have previewed every piece for quality and made sure each repeats once. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. Enjoy!

to listen, simply click
to download, right click and select "save as"

Final Fantasy I
Airship Battle Castle Cave
Chaos' Temple Epilogue Floating Castle Gurgu Volcano
Matouya's Cave Menu Screen Prelude Prologue
Ship Shop Slain Town
Underwater Palace World - -
Final Fantasy II (Japan only)
Battle Cashuon Castle Castle Epilogue
Slain Town World -
Final Fantasy III (Japan only)
Battle Boss Cave Elia
Final Battle Jinn Time Remains Toza
Underworld World - -
Final Fantasy IV (ffII in U.S.A.)
Airship Bab-il Baron Castle Battle
Betrayal Big Whale Boss Calbrena
Cave Chocobo Chocobo Forest Cid
Crystals Dancer Dwarves' Castle Eblan
Edward Elder: A Long Way to Go Epilogue Evil Feeling
Fabul Fiend Golbez Lunar Cave
Lunar Subterrain Moon Mt. Ordeals Mysidia
Prologue Redwings Rosa Rydia
Sorrow Surprise Sylvan Cave Toroia
Town Underworld Victory World
Zeromus Zot - -
Final Fantasy V (Japan only)
Battle Boco Book of Sealing Boss
Castle Cave 1 Cave 2 Chocobo
Crystals Cursed Day Dragon's Flight
Epilogue Exdeath Fierce Battle Final Battle
Gilgamesh Home Introduction Lenna
Library Mu Musicbox Reminicsence
Sadness Sleeping Town Victory
World 1 World 2 World 3 -
Final Fantasy VI (ffIII in U.S.A.)
Airship 1: Blackjack Airship 2: Falchon Battle Boss
Celes Chocobo Coin Story Coliseum
Cyan Daryl Emergency Empire
Epilogue Esper Fierce Battle Figaro Castle
Final Battle: Form #2 Final Battle: Form #4 Forest Gau
Gogo Jidoor Kefka Kefka's Tower
Locke Magitek Factory Mog Mountain
Narshe Opera: Aria Opera: Dance Opera: Prologue
Prelude Rachel Ragtime Relm
Returners Saving Theme Seal Serpent Trench
Setzer Shadow Story of the War Strago
Terra Theme Title Screen Town #1: Normal
Town #2: After Breaking Town #3: Controlled Train Troops
Ultros Umaro Veldt Victory
World Zozo - -
Final Fantasy VII
Aerith Ahead on Our Way Airship Anxiousness
Barret Battle Bombing Mission Bone Town
Boss Cait Sith Chocobo: Racing Chocobo: Techno
Chocobo: Waltz Chosen Ones Cid Commercial
Condor Costa del Sol Debut Dream
Escape Farm Boy Final Battle: Form #1 Final Battle: Form #2
Final Battle: Form#3 Fireworks Flow of Life Flowers in the Church
Forest Gold Saucer Jenova Lurking in the Darkness
Makou Reactor Manor Materia Mansion Memories
Mog Motorcycle Game Mystery Opening
Oppressed People Planet's Crying Prelude Red Xlll
Rufas Sephiroth's Base Shinra Slain
Sleeping Slums Staffroll Temple
Thoughts Tifa Turk Valley
Victory Warrior World Yuffie





this page is composed by Aaron Walz using Notepad and Microsoft FrontPage; 2003-2008
the music on this page was sequenced by various authors
Last Modified on 02/10/09